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Covey Training Club is a competitive investment community created to find and reward the world's best analysts. Members use free mock portfolios to track and credentialize their performance risk-free.

Proven performers (Top 1%) earn Legend status and a coveted spot on Covey Legends co-trading app.

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Play with the best. Learn from the best. Become the best.
We believe that together we can beat the market.
Covey Legends
The S&P
Our growing community is larger than any hedge fund.
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Step 1

Connect your MetaMask Wallet
Build an immutable track record to credentialize your performance and own your own idea data
All trades are posted to Polygon.

Step 2

Build your free, mock portfolio in minutes.
Seamless onboarding and trading interface.
Trade equities, ETF's, and Crypto.
All virtual. Zero risk. Zero fees.

Step 3

Share, compete, and optimize your strategies.
Get real-time market views and ranks on the leaderboard.
Learn and level up your own investment strategies.

Step 4

Engage and Earn.
Joining and creating a portfolio = rewards.
Sharing with your community = rewards.
Top-performing portfolios = rewards.

Step 5

Rise to the top
Become a legend on Covey's co-trading app.

Earn short and
long-term financial

Solidify your credibility
and reputation as a
top-tier analyst.

Become a Legend
on Covey's new
co-trading app.


Do I need to fund the account with real money?


Are these real financial trades?

No - Covey uses real-time market data so you can see the impact of your strategies, but there is no money deposited when making a portfolio.

Is Covey for me?

Covey is a community of the best investment analysts. Analysts can optimize and test out their strategies in a risk-free environment. Non-analysts can follow and invest alongside them.

How do I earn rewards?

Creating a portfolio, making trades, sharing your progress, and/or being a top performer.

What is the value of the rewards (Tokens)?

Stake in the future of the Covey Community, help identify top performers, and dictate community governance.

Covey Training Club x Real Vision
RV League is now live.
Introducing the first ever team-based investment league.