We're built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Covey token represents the share of value you added to the Covey community by contributing investing ideas. The more tokens you earned, the better you performed in our monthly competition. The more tokens you hold, the greater governance you have. Covey’s community of token holders are encouraged to help to continuously shape how we award tokens in the fairest and most meaningful way to holders. Covey’s tokens are an ethereum based cryptocurrency that can be held in your wallet or traded on exchanges.

Covey Token Utility

You can earn tokens.
To start earning tokens, you need to have your
metamask account connected
There are 2 primary ways to earn:
Monthly rewards. This is the fastest way to accumulate tokens. If your Covey portfolio performs well in the month, judged by the Covey Alpha Algorithm, Covey distributes you tokens. The higher you rank, the more token awarded.
Engagement. Ten percent of the tokens are allocated to helping develop and market our community. Referrals are the easiest way to earn these tokens. Act quick, this pool of tokens is finite.
You can stake tokens.
[Launching Jan 2023]
Increase your monthly rewards by locking tokens for a minimum of 1 month.
Using metamask on your Covey home page, click "Stake Tokens" to lock up tokens till the end of the month.
Staking tokens can increase your payout by 50% in Covey's monthly competition. Be careful, while staking will give you more rewards, if your virtual portfolio goes bankrupt, your stake is redistributed back to the community.
You can buy tokens.
[Launching Jan 2023] Buy tokens to stake them and increase your share of the rewards in the monthly competition.
You can vote with tokens.
Tokens give you governance over the Covey community. Vote on key items like the Alpha Algo, assets to be considered, and blockchains to build on.
You can shop with tokens.
Holding Covey tokens to get discounts on any investment product built on Covey's community data. The more tokens you earn the more discounts you are entitled to.

Credentialize your performance

Govern our community

For more details on rewards, read our Whitepaper.

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