About Alpha Algo

The Alpha Algo is how
we identify top analysts.

Short for “Alpha Algorithim”, the Alpha Algo
takes into account six metrics: Total Return,
Sharpe Ratio, Position Hit Rate, Position
Slugging, and Past Winnings.

Each analyst is scored based on how they
perform on each of these metrics. From there,
we take their average score, which is then
increased or decreased based on past winnings.

See your ranking on our Leaderboard in real
time based on the Alpha Algo.

Your Alpha Algo ranking
determines your USDC

On the last Friday of every month, the
performers, also known as Legends, are awarded
their share of our $1,000 USDC monthly rewards
payout based on the Alpa Algo.

Reminder: To start earning USDC, your Metamask
must be connected. Metamask is also how you
own your track record.

Staying in the competition.

To stay in the monthly competition, you can’t
go ‘bankrupt’ so be careful with leverage.

Don’t worry, your USDC earnings are always
safe in your Metamask wallet, but you will
need to create a new account to rejoin the
competition the next month.

Going bankrupt is very rare, it only happens
to 1% of users who use leverage over 200%.

For more details on rewards, read our Whitepaper.

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