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About finds the best investors in any community.

Enough with deletable tweets, editable medium posts, and handpicked soundbites.

It’s time set your picks in digital stone, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Value Add

Covey allows you to share portfolio analytics across multiple settings

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Guaranteeing the timestamp of trades
Not exposing personal finances to Covey or anyone
Providing Analytics to Evaluate Performance


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Post picksTrack total portfolio onlyStart tracking
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Trades saved to EthereumTrack detailed metrics:Sharpe, Alpha, Leverage..Share with anyone$10 per month
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Multiple UsersEncrypted tradesHedge Fund dataAPI access to your usersEmail:


Brooker Belcourt, Covey CEO and Founder

Brooker Belcourt

Founder. Former Hedge Fund analyst at: Citadel, Coatue and a Tiger Cub. Avid investor, building a place to track his ideas, share them and learn from others. Follow his portfolio here:

John Caraballo, Lead Developer

John Caraballo

Lead Developer. Loves to build big and small ideas. Knows code-fu.