Why We Exist

The best investment managers are not managing our money.

Dollars are not flowing to the right people to handle our investments. High minimums at hedge funds means access is all too often barred. And decades of mediocre returns at mutual funds without innovation means trust in performance is declining. These dynamics have forced the average investor to go up against the market alone.

Covey is on a mission to empower everyone to create wealth.

We are changing today’s investing model from exclusive and stale to transparent and peer-powered. Because together we can make more money than apart.

Our Vision

We search the world, spend millions of dollars, and rely on data to find the best athletes. So why do we only look to the Ivy League and investment banks to find the best investment managers?

Covey is designed to find, reward, and train the next top investment managers —from any background—that anyone can copy, so everyone can win.

Our Analyst Idea Data is stored on an open ledger, completely transparent to our community and accessible to anyone looking to build better investment products. Our only ask is that our members be rewarded with future product discounts in return.

Based on our member-governed Alpha Algorithm, analysts rise the ranks of our virtual investment community using our tools and network to sharpen and share their ideas—risk free.

Once we know who the best are, we can find ways to invest in them.

This is how we all can win: removing traditional barriers to connect investors directly to proven top performing investment managers.

Our Team

Brooker Belcourt, Covey CEO and Founder

Brooker Belcourt / Founder
Former Hedge Fund analyst at: Citadel, Coatue and a Tiger Cub. Avid investor, building a place to track his ideas, share them and learn from others. Follow his portfolio here: covey.io/p/bb.

John Caraballo, Lead Developer

John Caraballo / Director of Software Engineering
Loves to build big and small ideas. Knows code-fu.

Vadim Serebrinskiy, Quant Developer

Vadim Serebrinskiy / Quant Developer
Former Risk and Analytics at Guggenheim Securities and Third Point. Morning CrossFit. Learning to improve through helping others.

Our Data

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