Let's all get together to find the best analyst and invest in them.

First, we need a community of all the analysts we know where the top analyst, of any background, are ranked on the only thing that matters–performance.

Second, we take the top 1% of analysts from this community, which we know have a higher probability of beating the market going forward, and we make them Managers.

Third, we all copy the Managers portfolio. Giving any investor unprecedented access to the books of top money managers. With a view to background, ranking, assets, and philosophies.

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Brooker Belcourt, Covey CEO and Founder

Brooker Belcourt

Founder. Former Hedge Fund analyst at: Citadel, Coatue and a Tiger Cub. Avid investor, building a place to track his ideas, share them and learn from others. Follow his portfolio here: covey.io/p/bb.

Nathan Talbot, Head of Corporate Development

Sara Springmeyer

Chief Operating Officer. Former hedge fund, private equity, and fintech recruiter at Coatue, Henkel Search Partners, Gold Coast Search Partners, SoftBank, and Assembled Brands. Passionate about diversifying investment teams and simplifying the recruiting process. Follow her profile here:covey.io/p/ss

John Caraballo, Lead Developer

John Caraballo

Director of Software Engineering. Loves to build big and small ideas. Knows code-fu.Follow his portfolio here: covey.io/p/johncovey

Karlson Drendel, Front End Engineer

Karlson Drendel

Front End Engineer. Passionate about creating seamless user experiences and optimizing data flow. Film photographer, avid outdoor enthusiast, and the proudest boy scout you've ever met.