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Every month is a new opportunity to win, with the top performers earning Legend rank and their share of our $1000 USDC rewards pool.

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Why join Legends Training Club?

Turn your ideas
into income

On the last Friday of every month
we payout the top 10-20% of
analysts their share of the $1,000 USDC.

How much you earn of the $1,000
depends on how much Alpha you
generated in the month relative to
the community.

Compete with
mock portfolios in
real-time, risk-free.

Trade equities, ETFs and Crypto.
Go long or short. Use leverage.
Take your best shot at
building a winning portfolio.

Own and share
track records.

Credentialize and celebrate
performance with an indisputable
track record.
We track 50+ metrics, in real time.
Share your monthly ranking or
entire track record with one link.

Post and access ideas
through our API

For our quant analysts you can
use our python-sdk to upload
your ideas and track whatever
metrics you want.

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